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Women in Saudi Arabia having agreement with husband before marriage, for the freedom of driving and doing the job

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  • Last year women got the right to drive, kept the conditions to avoid controversy.

Women in Saudi Arabia are now marrying on their conditions. Now after marriage, for the freedom of driving, learning, doing job and roaming, she is now contracting with her husband. They are doing this so that any kind of dispute can be avoided after marriage. After decades of ban there, women got driving rights only last year. After the ban was withdrawn, a large number of women had filed for driving licenses. The number of women driving vehicles on the roads is also increasing.

Women are not just doing normal driving, but they are also able to see the pace and passion of stunts. Mazda, who works for salesman, says she was busy preparing for the wedding, when her fiancée kept a unique condition. The young woman was demanding that Majhd would allow her driving and job after marriage.

After marriage, Mazda could not ignore her demand, for this, she has signed a regular marriage contract. Another maiden had tied up with fiancee that she would never marry another. In this case, Maulvi Abdulmohsen al-Azeemi says that some young women are contracting about the demand for driving. By contract, husbands and in-laws become punctured that they will not squeeze his point. If she withdraws after her marriage, then she can also divorce her husband by forming her daughter. In fact, in Islamic countries, there is often a case of pressing women’s voice after marriage. Because of this, the trend of negotiating a friendly deal is increasing.

The Arabs do not believe themselves to be religious:  Here, the Arabi People started believing that they are not religious. According to a survey done between 25 thousand people of 10 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, there are no religious people, the number of people who say it has increased from 8% to 13%. In the last 30 years, there has been an increase of 18% in the number of people who did not identify the religious identity.

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