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September 19, 2020

Modi said: Jharkhand was already facing Mob lynching; while Chamki fever is one of the biggest failure

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  • Modi gave a statement for the first time on the death of children in Mohabbing in Jharkhand and Bihar
  • In the Rajya Sabha, Modi said: It is not right to put Jharkhand in full form as a place of mobs lining
  • The Prime Minister said: I am constantly in touch with the Bihar government on chamki fever
  • Modi said: It is sad when the leader says the NDA won, but the country and democracy lost

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the statement for the first time on the death of the children in Jharkhand, the death of the youth by munching luncheon and spinning fever in Bihar. Modi said in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, “Everyone is sad to kill the young man in Jharkhand. It has been said in the House that Jharkhand Mob has become a lining of the lynching and Mob Violence. this is not right. Nobody has the right to defame the entire Jharkhand. At the same time, Modi said about spleen fever that it is one of the biggest failures of governments in 7 decades. Sadly, this is happening in the modern era. We have embarrassment on this. I am in constant touch with the Bihar Government.

Modi gave a reply in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday on the thanks motion on the President’s address. In the meantime, Modi also gave an opinion on issues like EVM, election process, new India, base, country-one election, role of media.

Violence should not be politics – Modi

Modi said that the culprits should be severely punished in Jharkhand case. Those who have done bad, who have done bad, they should be punished. There is a lot of gentlemen there too. The proper way is to get justice from law and justice. The constitution, law and order are for this. We should do as much as we can and should not withdraw from it. Good terrorism and bad terrorism have suffered a lot. In the same way whether there is violence in Jharkhand, in Bengal or in Kerala, violence should be opposed everywhere. 

The country and democracy lost, it is wrong to say- Modi

Modi said that it is sad when some leaders say that the BJP and its allies won, but the country lost and democracy was defeated. These statements are unfortunate. Why questions are raised about voter’s decision. 

Modi said, “When it is said that if democracy is defeated, I would definitely like to ask whether India lost in Wayanad? Has Hindustan lost in Rae Bareli? Has India lost in Amethi? A country that is Congress and Congress i.e. a border of ego, for 55 years, the party running the government in the country could not win a seat in 17 states. Criticism in democracy is respected, but this kind of humiliation of the country’s voters hurts. “

The country’s farmer is said to be sold- Modi

The Prime Minister said, “It was here that the farmer of the country is selling. Farmers’ votes were bought due to two-two thousand plans. The farmer of our country is not worth the sale. Our farmer is one who produces food for us. He does not think that it will go in the stomach of the poor or rich. 15 crore farmers were insulted using this kind of language. “

‘Whether the media was bought in Tamil Nadu and Kerala’

Modi said, “It was said because of the media we won elections. Where are we standing What media is worth, what does the media buy? Will this be applicable in Tamil Nadu and Kerala? The words spoken in this House are affected by the whole country. We say anything and newspapers will get headline. We should be proud that India’s election process is an opportunity to increase our reputation in the world. This opportunity should not be lost. “

We also lost, but we never cried – Modi

The Prime Minister said, “EVMs are discussed in the House. The new disease started. Questions about EVMs are raised, excuses are made. Ever we were two in the House, but we had faith in our workers, ideas and democracy. In a disappointing environment, we created the party by creating trust in the workers. We also losers, but we never cried that crying because of this, losers due to that reason When there is no trust in self, there is lack of strength. Then excuses are discovered. “

  • “The first EVMs were used in 1982. Members in this House in 1988 granted it legal clearance. Congress made rules about EVMs. If you did this, you did it and now you are crying. Today, we are talking like this for the defeat. After years of testing, all the judiciary of the country gave a positive decision on the EVM.
  • “When the debate took place in 2017, the Election Commission had given the challenge that you come and pick up the disturbances. One of those who are crying is not there, one of them has not gone there. These disruptions created such a big storm, so we started to believe that the EVM is messy. “
  • “We tried to understand the technology. Then came the talk of VVPAT. Frequently went to the Supreme Court. Attempted to spoil the environment of elections We are all witnesses that VVPAT has again increased the strength of EVMs. “
  • “The Congress has ruled for so many years. There is some problem in you that you can not even win. Since 2014, I am not able to accept defeat. Every party has its place and importance in the democracy of India, it should be respected. But, we are not ready to accept defeat, nor do we have the courage to save the victory. “

Why Modi opposes New India?

The Prime Minister said, “I am surprised that New India is going to oppose. We have to move forward, within the world we have to move forward, there is a country of 100 million. Why do not we dream? Where should we go for the Old India? Take the navy ship for the excursions, water and space scam everywhere, support the pieces of the gang, inspector raj, continue the interview, the queues for the gas started To be We need such a Old India There is nothing ready for the people of the country to take Hindutva into the old period. “

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