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August 11, 2020

India not financially ready for 21-day lockdown

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The whole world is suffering from the coronavirus outbreak. The number of infected people is increasing daily. even death rates are also increasing. Every country including India taking drastic measures to control the spread of coronavirus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also announced a 21-day lockdown starting from 25th March. In this lockdown government sector, the public sector, transport sector, malls cinema, and many other things will be closed. After this announcement professors are taking that whether India is ready for this lockdown. India is a developing country with a population of over 1.30 crore. However, a complete lockdown will harm the economy very badly. Even livelihood crises will arise in front of the population.

India will have to prepare on a large scale

Professors and economists say that the current situation is showing that India is not fully ready for the 21-day lockdown and the government should prepare extensively to deal with the situation. However, When Wuhan city was shutdown food was supplied to every person. The same thing in India is not possible. The government is not ready to provide food to the people. Especially homeless people going to have the maximum problem. To reduce the economic impact of Corona, people of rural areas should provide work.

Health facilities will increase

4500 rupees required for the corona test. Poor people cannot bear this expense. In such a situation, the government will have to provide many other types of facilities including free checks. The ratio of infected people will increase in the coming time. The government should reduce the amount and provide free tests to poor people. However, if corona gets spread in the ruler area. Also, the government will fail to control the deaths.

This is why lockdown is important for India

After Prime Minister announced lockdown, people are asking whether or not it is right. Right now infected people population very less if the shutdown happens the infected people will not get in the contact with the rest population. Also, it will help the government to track the virus. Lockdown initial because India is not prepared to fight with this virus.


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