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October 14, 2019

Trump replied “She is not my Type” for a woman who accused him of sexually assault

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  • Writer E Jean Carroll’s accusation – Trump had sexually exploited in the dressing room of the clothing store in Manhattan in the mid-90’s.
  • Trump stated – this woman is completely lying, no such incident has happened.

American President Donald Trump rejects the allegations of sexually assaulted by author E. Jean Carroll over himself. Trump said that I did not sexually abuse her, because she is not of my type. Elle Magazine’s Callist Carroll alleged that in the mid-90’s, Trump had sexually assaulted her in the dressing room of a clothing store.

People give such a statement, this scary thing – Trump

  1. Trump said in an interview for “The Hill” – Carroll is lying, first thing is that he is not my type and secondly, it never happened, it never happened, right?
  2. The American president said – Carroll is completely lying. I do not know anything about them. It is a very scary thing that people give such statements. I do not know anything about it.
  3. Earlier in the interview given to CNN, Carroll had said – Trump pushed me towards the wall so loud that my head hit him badly. In the fitting room of the Bergdorf Goodman store in Manhattan, I was trying to resist Trump’s aggressive behavior. 
  4. Carroll said that this incident took place in late 1995 or early 1996. Trump asked me to wear a dress, she wanted to buy that dress. Then they got married to Marla Maples.
  5. Carol said – as soon as he closed the door, my head hit the wall badly. I want women to know that I am not standing there. I was not rooted, I was not paralyzed. The response was only because this incident was very startling and I fought. 
  6. Trump was also accused of sexual abuse during campaigning During the presidential election campaign in 2016, a woman had accused of sexually assaulting Trump. The woman had said that during the plane travel, Trump had sexually abused her. Trump had said on these accusations – that woman was not my first choice. Go to her Facebook page, you will understand everything yourself.

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