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March 31, 2020

Sensex gains 683 points after Corona’s hit

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New Delhi: After the huge fall on Monday due to Coronavirus, the markets are quite stable today. On Tuesday morning, both the Sensex and Nifty are trading in the green mark with the index rising. The Sensex, a sensitive index based on the 30 stocks of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), is trading at a level of 26,664 with a gain of about 683 points.

Stock market also cried due to Corona hit, investors lost Rs 10 lakh crore

On the other hand, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) based on 50 stocks, the Sensex Nifty is also trading at 8,173 with a strength of 212 points. The stock markets closed with a fall on Monday. Furor in global market, lower circuit in Dow Jones, bad condition of European markets are pushing the market further down. The selling pressure in the domestic stock market was dominating on Thursday due to disappointing foreign signals due to the coronavirus havoc.

Government can announce relief measures on Corona today

The outbreak of Coronavirus and the situation of lockdown in the country proved once again to be very bad for the stock market on Monday. On Monday, the Sensex had closed at 25,981 with a major fall of 3,934 points. The Nifty FIFTY also fell by 1,198 points to close at 7,960.

Sensex falls sharply, Nifty closes at 7,610

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