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Intimate animal portraits that you must see!

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Wildlife photography is plentiful, but we assure you that these images by Peruvian photographer Pedro Pedro Jarque Krebs are unlike any you have seen ever.

The images, which feature in his book Fragile (published by teNeues), aims to draw attention to the ‘precarious situation’ of the natural world.

Pedro says: “My goal with these images is to raise our awareness of the beauty and diversity of the natural world, but — even more importantly — its dreadful fragility and endangerment.”

Scroll down to see some of the book’s most jaw-dropping images…

This lemur looks like it might be meditating. Captured both in the wild and in captivity, Krebs has caught on lens a multitude of creatures. Some of the pictures benefit from naturally dark environments, while others have had their natural surroundings removed in post-production. Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs


Is that panda playing the flute? Naah, the giant panda appears to gaze into the camera’s lens as it munches on a stick of black bamboo. Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs

Up close and personal with a Nile crocodile. “What interests me is showing the essence of the animal — I would almost say its ‘soul,'” Krebs, a former finalist in the prestigious Sony World Photography Awards, was quoted as saying to CNN. “So the closer you (can get), the better.” Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs

A jaguar caught on camera mid-roar. Pedro says he aims to break down the psychological and emotional barriers that separate us from our fellow creatures. Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs

A lar gibbon balances precariously on a tightrope in one of the stunning images. While not all of the animals in his book are under threat of extinction, many are endangered species, like Asian elephants and Malayan tapirs. Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs

Krebs removes the natural backgrounds to leave his subjects — in this case, three great white pelicans — to create “a relationship of intimacy between the viewer and the animal.” Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs

Two giraffes captured in almost an embrace. Pedro hopes his book will draw attention to the ‘precarious situation’ of the natural world. Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs

Taking aim at the climate crisis and, more broadly, the impact of human activity on animal life, the photographer sees his work as an environmental call-to-arms. Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs

This is an incredible shot of a group of Barbary sheep. Pedro’s images give the animal kingdom the dignity it deserves. Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs

Pedro says: ‘My goal with these images is to raise our awareness of the beauty and diversity of the natural world’. Photograph: ©Pedro Jarque Krebs

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