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October 21, 2020

10 Things to Look Forward to this Diwali

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Trust the silver screen folks to keep it larger than life.

And just like the rest of India, Bollywood looks forward to doing all the fun, fabulous things Diwali is famous for.

Ritu Nandal gives us a list.



Katrina Kaif’s floral designs are sure a pretty way to welcome one of the most anticipated festivals of the year.



Time to offer prayers to the Gods and Goddesses of wealth and prosperity. In case you forgot, this will be Deepika Padukone’s first Diwali as a Mrs.



It’s the festival of lights after all. And Parineeti Chopra’s lively dance around a lit-up space acknowledges it wholeheartedly!



What’s Diwali without diyas? Tons and tons of them.


Desi attire

Slip into the spirit of Diwali and dazzle in desi wardrobe like Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor.


Family reunions

It’s all about loving your family on festivals. Even if you’re outside a K Jo movie.



Calories can take a break; the best thing about any festival is food. Bring on the ladoos and barfis.


Diwali gifts

It’s the season of sharing, caring, giving and gifting. Sometimes, happiness comes in a neatly wrapped paper with a ribbon on top.



The tradition of playing cards on Diwali is supposed to bring luck and continues to be one of the most favourite things about the festival.


(Eco-friendly) Crackers

The environment is suffering enough without our revelry adding to its woes. if you absolutely must include fireworks, keep it green, keep it safe.

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