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September 19, 2020

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot announces State Budget 2020

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Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is presenting the state budget. The Chief Minister has mentioned seven resolutions in the budget. Gehlot said that for us the entire Rajasthan is for one family. Seven resolutions are the priority for this budget.


First Resolution – Healthy Rajasthan, Second Resolution – Farmers. Third Resolution – Women, Child, and Older Welfare. Fourth Resolution – Competent Laborers, Students, Youth. Fifth Resolution – Apparel of Education. Sixth Resolution – Water, Electricity, and Interests Value and seventh resolution – Skill and technical head.

Gehlot targeted the central government by reading the tiger. Said, the economy is going through a bad phase. A note does not speak to the captive on waste. Do not open the moons on GST shaking. His figures show him a mirror. They still do not back down and weighed the truth.

Budget highlights

  • Dedicate this budget to a healthy Rajasthan.
  • It is health that is our wealth.
  • First Resolution of Nirogi Rajasthan
  • A budget of 14 thousand 533 crores for all health departments
  • 100 crore Rajasthan Niroji Fund was formed.
  • The decision to conduct digital health survey.
  • Cancer registry system will be selected in the state to treat cancer patients
  • Arrangement to increase 1000 beds in 150 medical institutions of the state.
  • Land allocation will be made for six newly sanctioned medical colleges.
  • The first and second heart transplant of the state was done in Jaipur.
  • Government Homoeopathic College announced in Ajmer Road, Jodhpur
  • 4 posts of Assistant Acharya approved and 69 posts of Junior Resident will be accepted, new cottage wards will be formed on the basis of G + 8
  • The process of construction of medical colleges will be completed in 4 years at a cost of 5000 crores.
  • CT scan and MRI facility will be available in the district hospital.
  • Health is our wealth, if health is not there is nothing.
  • The previous government left the payment of Rs 13000 crore to our government.

Chief Minister quipped

  • 4 posts of Assistant Acharya approved and 69 posts of Junior Resident will be approved, new cottage wards will be formed on the basis of G + 8
  • The second resolution was read for agriculture and farmers.
  • The third resolution began to be read for the budget for women’s welfare and child development
  • So far, interest-free crop loans have been distributed over Rs 8700 crores, crop loans of more than Rs 1000 crores have been distributed to farmers who have become members for the first time.
  • Training camps will be organized for livestock owners


  • The big announcement of the formation of Rajasthan State Economic Backward Class Board
  • Care will be taken to coordinate between Asha Sahyogini, Anganwadi Worker and ANM
  • Immense potential for use of solar energy in agriculture
  • 25000 new solar pumps will be installed, advance storage of 200000 tonnes of urea and DAP will be arranged
  • A provision of 8700 crores has been budgeted for social justice schemes.
  • App will be developed for Anganwadi Worker, Asha Sahyogini and ANM, it will be a good step for better coordination
  • Hostels and halfway homes will be opened on each division, Nehru Children’s Center was announced in the budget
  • The government will take tough measures against adulterated hooves, labs will be set up in each district, fast track courts will be established

A budget with 7 resolutions has been kept, including healthy Rajasthan and prosperous farmers.
The financial condition of the state is largely dependent on the policies of the Center. The country’s economy has derailed. In this budget, we have tried that we have moved forward on the path of development. The previous government has left the task of paying 13000 crores to our government

  • 5000 youth will be given skill training in skill development center expansion in TSP area
  • 50000 youths will be prepared for self-employment, hostels for minority children will be built at a cost of 41 crores 60 lakhs.
  • New declaration for the treatment of deaf children with disabilities since childhood, “899 children have been supported so far, will make the policy of Hearing Screen mandatory in early childhood
  • To set up 100 crore Nehru Child Protection Fund ‘
  • Hostels and halfway homes to be opened in each division, Nehru Children Center announced to open
  • 4 posts of Assistant Acharya approved and 69 posts of Junior Resident will be approved, new cottage wards will be formed on the basis of G + 8

45000 rupees will be made available to each farmer as a grant.

  • Nuclear medicine department to be built in SMS hospital, along with it also announced IPD tower over cottage
  • Like state sports, district-level sports will also be organized, cricket will also be included in state sports.
  • Announcing ‘No Bag Day’ on Saturday, there will be no teaching work on this day. On this day there will be a literary activity, parent-teacher meetings, children’s meetings.
  • Pipeline conversion will be done for the construction of 5 high reservoirs in Jaipur city. Will strengthen drinking water supply in
  • Jaipur city will supply better drinking water especially in the boundary wall, 9 lakh population will be benefited by spending 165 crores
  • New arrangements for crop loans to be distributed through the Village Service Cooperative Society were implemented.
  • 57 new Panchayat Samitis will be formed, 53 lakh laborers’ day employment has been provided in MNREGA.
    39 thousand 524 crores
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