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November 25, 2020

Reliance Industries croses Market Cap of Rs. 9.5 Lakh Crore

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  • TCS has a market cap of Rs 7.91 lakh crore in valuation
  • Reliance set a record to reach 9 lakh crore rupees on 18 October
  • Market cap increased by 1.5 lakh crores in 15 months, reached 8 lakh crores in August 2018

The market cap of Reliance Industries reached above Rs 9.5 lakh crore on Tuesday. Reliance became the first company in the country to achieve such a valuation. Reliance reached 9 lakh crore rupees on 18 October. The record of that valuation is also in the name of Reliance. TCS, the second largest company in the market cap is valued at Rs 7.91 lakh crore.

Top 5 Companies in Valuation

Company:                     Market Cap (Rs)
Reliance Industries:   9.55 lakh Crore
TCS:                               7.91 Lakh Crore
HDFC Bank:                6.95 Lakh Crore
Hindustan Unilever:  4.42 lakh crore
HDFC:                           3.82 Lakh Crore

(Market cap during intra-day trading)

Reliance Industries stock rose 3% on Tuesday. This increased the market cap rapidly. Reliance reached a figure of Rs 8 lakh crore in August last year. Here too, it became the first company in the country.

6 records of Reliance

October 2007 becomes the country’s first company with a market cap of $100 billion
July 2018:             After 11 years, again achieved a valuation of $100 billion
August 2018:        First Indian company with a market cap of Rs 8 lakh crore
January 2019:      India’s first private company with a quarterly profit of Rs 10,000 crore
October 2019:      India’s first company with a valuation of 9 lakh crore rupees
November 2019:  First Indian company with a valuation of 9.5 lakh crores rupees

Reliance may reach $200 billion in the next 2 years: report

Brokerage firm Bank of America Merrill Lynch released the report last month. With the help of Reliance’s new commerce and broadband business, the company’s market cap can reach $200 billion (Rs 14.40 lakh crore) in the next 24 months. Reliance has made tremendous progress since the announcement of Jio. However, it left the customers in worry after it increased its rates.


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