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October 21, 2020

US releases photos to bolster claim Iran attacked oil tankers in Oman Gulf

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  • The US released satellite photos on the June 2 attack on two oil tankers in Oman Bay.
  • In pictures, Iran’s soldiers appear to remove explosive material from Japan’s Kokuko Corazion ship.

Washington. The US has released some satellite pictures on the Gulf of Oman on June 13, involving two oil tankers. Along with it, the attack has been attributed to Iran. In pictures released by the Pentagon, Iran’s soldiers are seen to remove explosive materials from Japan’s Kokuko Kargas ship, which has been attacked. In the second picture, Kokuka also showed a big hole on the ship. Among all these, the US has decided to deploy a thousand additional troops in the Middle East.

A US official has said that even though Iranian soldiers are seen in photographs, but direct them to be accused, such proofs have not been found. Iran has also rejected all these allegations by the United States. According to the state media of Iran, there were three blasts on two ships at different times. The Iranian navy only saved 44 crew members in water to save lives. One such attack was carried out in oil in May also. At the time there was a situation of tension between Tehran and Washington.

One thousand approved the deployment of extra troops the US Acting Defense Minister Patrick Shainhn said Monday that Trump administration has decided to deploy one thousand additional troops in the Middle East. Considering the demand of additional troops from the Central Command of the United States and after consulting the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the White House, the decision was taken. Shanohan said that in the Middle East, I have approved the deployment of approximately one thousand additional soldiers to face all the defense challenges, including the air force, naval personnel.

Tankers going to Taiwan from Qatar:
According to the report  report, on June 13, the first incident took place in southern Iran. Front Altair tanker ship carrying 1 million 11 thousand ton capacity was going from Qatar to Taiwan As soon as the fire broke out on the ship, 23 crew members aboard in it jumped into the water, which the navy rescued. An hour later, there was a fire in another vessel. This incident took place 28 nautical miles away from the port.

Oman’s Bay Hormuz was one of Japan’s two-owned tanker Kokukka Krajias and the second Norwegian Tanker Front Altair, one of the two ships hunting the world’s busiest oil route . The attack took place near the Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman, the busiest oil maze in the world. Many millions of oil passes from here. That is why the United States decided to deploy its one thousand additional troops here. Earlier in May, four oil tankers of the United Arab Emirates were attacked. Even then, there was a tension between Tehran and Washington.

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