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Mental illness will occur or not, can be checked by speaking to Artificial Intelligence System

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  • America’s Emory University developed the AI ​​system, claiming 93% accurate information
  • According to the researcher – recognizing such words in the language is exactly like looking at the micro-bacteria present in the eyes

Now a person’s voice will know whether he will suffer from mental illness in future or not. Scientists have developed a system equipped with Artificial Intelligence that analyzes the sound. It understands the hidden signals in the language, on the basis of which will give information about future disease. It has been developed by America’s Emory University. 

AI analyzes loud and unmistakable words

  1. According to research published in the NPJ schizophrenia journal, the system equipped with Artificial Intelligence specifically analyzes two types of words in the language. First, words that people use in the most loud and loud voice The other ones whom we can not speak clearly. On the basis of these, accurate information can be given upto 93% of the mental diseases in the future.
  2. Like new technology microscope Neguin Rezai, researcher at Emory University, says that the new technique is very sensitive and detects patterns that we can not easily see. It’s like a microscope in a way that alerts about diseases already. Identifying such words in the language is just like looking at the micro-bacteria present in the eyes.
  3. Before time mental illnesses can be identified. According to the findings of the research, the machine recognizes such language related disorders that are associated with mental illness. Researchers say mental disorders such as schizophrenia usually start appearing at the age of 20. In this case, 25-30% of cases can be identified before 80% with counseling help. But with the help of new technology more can be understood first.
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