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December 4, 2020

Eleven people were killed and 122 injured by two strong earthquakes in China

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  • The first set of intensity Monday night at 10.55 pm and 5.3 the second blow of intensity came on Tuesday morning
  • 5 thousand tents and 10 thousand folding beds were sent in earthquake affected areas

Beijing . In the Sichuan province of China, two earthquake shocks killed 11 people, while 122 people were injured. According to the China Earthquake Center (CENC), according to local time, a magnitude 6 earthquake occurred at 10.55 pm on Monday night in the Changing County of Yibin city. At the same time, with 5.3 intensity the second blow came Tuesday morning.

According to the news agency, a rescuer said that two people in Changing County are still trapped, in which the condition of one is serious. Four people have been sent to the hospital in Shongi city. Chen Hongshia, who lives on the 16th floor in Changing County, said that when the earthquake came, I was resting in my house. My family went to the restroom first to escape and then all came out.

5 thousand tents were put in place to help the victims

The warning system in the provincial capital Chengdu alerted people a minute before the earthquake. Only a strong earthquake was felt after this. Soon after, the Ministry of Emergency Management started the relief work. Rescuers were sent to the affected areas. According to the State media, the National Food Ministry has sent five thousand tents, 10 thousand folding beds and 20 thousand quilts to earthquake affected areas.

Meidong city collapsed in an earthquake

Ministry said that 63 fire brigade trains have been sent on the spot and 302 firemen have been engaged in rescue work. Huanuan Hotel collapsed in Meidong Township due to earthquake. There was a crack in the highway connecting the Yibin and Juong County of Luzhou City of Sichuan. The highway has been closed for the moment. Two other routes were also closed.

Communication system in Meidong and Shuang city disrupted

The communication system in the Meidong and Shuang city has been interrupted. Both cities are located near the center of the earthquake. The local police are busy taking out the people. Doctors, fire brigades and other rescue workers are engaged in relief and rescue work in earthquake affected areas. The emergency management bureau said that tremors were felt in many areas of neighboring Chongqing city. This area is near the sub center. However, there was no report of any casualties here.

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