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Bigg Boss Day 17: Siddharth starts more fights!

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The contestants seemed quite eager to perform BB Toy Factory taskas the winner would get a chance to win a ticket to the finale.

Unfortunately, both teams failed, thanks to petty fights.

The scenario remains the same on Day 17.

The contestants realise that no one will to win a ticket to the finale, and do not perform the task wholeheartedly.



When Paras Chhabra and Shefali Bagga start arguing with each other, Shehnaaz Gill asks her to stop talking to him.

Shefali listens to her, and this upsets Paras, as he was just trying to have some fun while performing the task.

Since everyone seems disinterested, Siddharth Shukla tries to motivate his team to win.

But it does not help.


While chopping veggies, Shukla and Devoleena Bhattacharjee have a discussion about household chores.

The Humpy Sharma Ki Dhulania actor tells Devoleena that she is being biased towards her close friend Rashami Desai when it comes to housework.

Devoleena says that some people think she is being biased towards him as well.

The conversation turns ugly and later, while cooking, Devoleena breaks down.

Rashami, who is with her, the kitchen area, gives her a tight hug and takes her to the bedroom area.


Devoleena vents her anger, as Arti Singh joins in.

Siddharth walks in just then, and says that if they talking about him, they should do it in front of him.

He has a heated argument with Devoleena again.

Siddhartha Dey, who is watching the show, tells Abu Malik that Siddharth is always ready to fight with the girls and that’s no way a man should behave.

Earlier in the day, Rashami had also revealed to Devoleena and Siddhartha how Siddharth used to behave badly with her on the sets of their show. He even tried to get her out of the show and hearing this, Devoleena is taken back.


Shehnaaz decides to make the BB Toy Factory task interesting by staging a fight.

Siddhartha agrees with her and plans a fake fighting episode for the girls.

He thinks this will add some tadka to the boring challenge.

But it backfires as Bigg Boss reprimands the housemates for not taking the task seriously and faking a fight to make it look cool.

Bigg Boss states that the housemates have let down the audience.


At night, in the kitchen area, Rashami and Siddharth end up having an argument over chai.

Things are about to escalate when Devoleena intervenes and calms them down.

Before the day ends, Paras has a word with Shehnaaz and tells her about Siddharth’s bad behaviour with Rashami.

He says she should maintain distance from him and not get involved in their Cold War.

Paras also says that Siddharth has not done good things outside the house, and everyone in the industry knows about it.

Shehnaaz is surprised to hear all this and also says sorry to Paras for behaving rudely with him.

Do you think the lovebirds are back together? 

Tell us in the message board below!

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