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PNB SCAM: Mehul Choksi says, I am unable to join the investigation but, I am unable to travel

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  • ED had told the Bombay High Court- do not want to come to the vigilance court
  • Vigilance filed a petition against the process of declaring fugitive financial offender

New Delhi . Mehul Choksi, accused in the PNB scam, rejected the claims of ED and CBI on Monday. He said that the agencies are saying that I do not want to be involved in the investigation, it is wrong. My health is not good, but I am ready to join the investigation. Agencies would like to ask me if I can come to Antigua and inquire. Before the PNB scandal was exposed, Mehul Vigilance had left India. After this he took the citizenship of Antigua.

Mehul said, “I am ready to be part of the investigation but my health is bad. I’m unable to travel. As soon as I’m fit to travel, I will return to India. 

Continuous Medical Supervision: Vigilance

“I had surgery abroad on February 15, 2018. After this I was refused to travel. I constantly need medical supervision. In the affidavit filed in court, it was also said that the vigil has diseases such as coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and weight loss.

Citizenship of Antigua found in January 2018

Vigilance has submitted the report verified by the licensed physician in the court. In his report, Dr. Marcos has instructed the vigilant not to travel outside of Antigua and keep continuing medical tests. In addition to custodial interrogation in PNB, his nephew Neerav was also accused. Both fled the country a year ago. Vigilance was granted citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda on January 15, 2018.

The ED had appealed to the court to declare the vigilance as a fugitive
before the ED filed an affidavit in the Bombay High Court and appealed to dismiss two petitions of Mehul Vigilance. Vigilance filed a petition against the process of declaring a fugitive financial offender. In the second petition, it was said that the ED will be allowed to debate those people who want to declare him a proclaimed proclaimed criminal offender on the basis of statements.

ED had said in the affidavit that the vigilance has taken the citizenship of Antigua. It is evident from this that he does not want to come to India for assistance in the investigation. The agency had said that if not present, the court can confiscate the property by declaring him a fugitive financial offender.

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