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December 5, 2020

Vadodara: Marigold flowers have changed the fortunes of farmers

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Unseasonal rains this year have caused a lot of damage to farmers across the country. The farmers of Halol taluk of the Panchmahal district of Gujrat have made a lot of money leaving traditional farming. Actually, the farmers here have started the cultivation of marigold flowers, which has led to tremendous profits. In view of this success, now farmers are demanding to make a big market here.

Marigold flowers led to tremendous profits for farmers

This year around 150 farmers in Halol cultivated marigold on 250 acres of land. This farming not only saved them from losses but also gave more profits than traditional crops. Ghanshyam Thakor, assistant technology manager and a farmer at the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), says, “Farmers moved to marigold farming as it is a cash crop and gives a good income during the festival season.”

Profiters lost by selling themselves, farmers gain

Farmers of Arad village started a small Mandi in their own village on the occasion of Diwali with the help of ATMA. This led to the disappearance of middlemen and increased profits. Ghanshyam Thakore explains that there are 3000 kg flowers in one acre. It also sells them in a day or two after the flowers are broken. One advantage of marigold farming is that the marigold flower is strong. Despite the rain, it does not cause any damage.

Nemesh Patel, a farmer of Arad village, says, ‘These flowers do not spoil because of rain. We broke the flowers this time before the festivals and sold them in the market for Rs 45 a kg. Ghanshyam Thakore says that after getting success in using small Mandi, now farmers want big mandi next year. He further adds, “This removes the profit-making people in the middle and the farmers get 10% commission going to them.”

Amit Patel, a resident of Arad village, says, “Seeing increasing demand, more and more farmers are cultivating marigold. Earlier we used to buy seeds from Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh, but now many local dealers are also selling marigold seeds.


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