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Amazon will invest $1 billion to digitise small Indian businesses: Jeff Bezos

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  • Jeff Bezos has come to India for an Amazon possible program, during which he can also meet Prime Minister Modi
  • Bezos said- We will invest Rs 7100 crore to digitize small businesses in India
  • Bezos paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi at Delhi’s Rajghat on Tuesday evening, saying – Mahatma had changed the world


Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man with a net worth of around Rs 8.30 lakh crore, is on a tour of India. Bezos, the founder, and CEO of Amazon made two announcements about India at the ‘Amazon Sambhav’, an event for small-medium businesses in Delhi on Wednesday. He said- ‘Amazon will export Make in India products worth 10 billion dollars (71 thousand crore rupees) by 2025.

Jeff Bezos said Amazon will invest to digitize small and medium businesses in India

With this, one billion dollars (Rs 7,100 crore) will be invested to digitize small and medium businesses in India. Bezos also cited the reason for this announcement. He said that Amazon was also a small business at some time.

Highlights of Bezos’s address

This century will be of India

‘India’s passion, energy, and its people are special, there is the democracy here. This century will be of India. The Indo-US alliance will be the most important in the 21st century. Bezos said on the issue of climate change – whoever does not understand its side effects is making a mistake. In the last 10-20 years, people did not show seriousness in understanding the reality of the impact of climate change. People all over the world need to come together on this issue. By 2030, Amazon will start using 100% sustainable electricity. Recently we decided to buy a 1 lakh electric delivery vehicle. By June, we will also stop using plastic.

It is possible to compensate for any failures with one success

‘Amazon is the best place in the world for failures because we practice too much. There are two types of failures. The first and foremost is that by which we become capable of learning and experimenting. The second type of failure is work and excellence, we must avoid it. Learning should also be taken from this, but it must be accepted that such failure is bad. One success and one winner can make up for dozens of failures.

Recruit people, you can learn from

‘There should be recruitment. Not only people who can teach you but also people who can teach you. This is the secret of Amazon’s success. What happened in the last 25 years exceeded my expectations. I remember the days when I used to deliver packages myself, we used to sell books. At that time we had thought about forming a company, but not inita, which you are seeing today. All this is the result of taking a step. ‘

If Amazon failed, it would have been a software programmer

In 1994, he worked in a company in New York. I realized that the Internet is growing rapidly. This gave me the idea to sell books online. I told my boss this. They took me to the park and listened in detail. He said- This idea is very big for him, but it would be better for a person who does not have a good job. Bezos told- There were many doubts in mind at that time. I didn’t want to regret it, so wondered- would it be okay to leave the job in the middle of the year regardless of the bonus? But, I understood that I have a big idea, I will always try and regret it. If I fail after trying, I will not be sorry. Amazon India chief Amit Agarwal asked Bezos what would he have done if his plan had not been successful. On this Bezos said – I would be very happy to be a software programmer somewhere.

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