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Bigg Boss 13: Who will become the captain? PREDICT!

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Equations are changing rapidly inside the Bigg Boss house and it seems Siddharth Shukla is losing his friends one by one.

While Shehnaaz Gill doesn’t feel the same connection with him despite their patch-up, Arti Singh is also having a hard time staying friends.

Asim is also heading for a major showdown with Siddharth.



The episode starts with the contestants resuming the cave task.

Siddharth gets into a fight with Rashami Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Mahira Sharma.

While Arhaan Khan and Asim fail to get out of their respective caves, Vishal Aditya Singh does it without any trouble and breaks Himanshi Khurrana’s plate.

The task ends for the day but before that, Mahira and Shefali Jariwala get into a verbal spat and than a physical one.

Rashami intervenes and pacifies the situation.



The next day, the housemates have fun dancing to the Khalnayak song and then go about their routine.

Mahira and Shefali get into another argument, which annoys everyone in the morning.

Shehnaaz tries to stop their argument but it’s backfires as Mahira asks her not to interfere.

Paras Chhabra also yells at Shehnaaz.



Siddharth has a word with Vishal and tries to manipulate him by asking him to join his group.

He also tells Vishal to break Rashami’s pot in the next round.

Vishal, meanwhile, is clear that he wants to play his own game and become the captain so he breaks Rashami’s as well as Siddharth’s pot during the task.

He is rewarded as Bigg Boss announces that Vishal will be a contender for captaincy this week.

Now, the challenge will continue between Arhaan and Asim.



Both the groups try their best to make their team members win the cave task. Arhaan manages to come out of the cave three times.

Asim loses his cool and gets into a big fight with Siddharth.

He feels they aren’t winning the task because of Siddharth’s strategy.

On other hand, Arhaan performs brilliantly and takes advantage of the situation by subtly brainwashing Asim.



Bigg Boss announces Arhaan as the winner of the task but he is no longer in the captaincy race.

Apart from Vishal, Paras, Devoleena and Mahira are among the contenders for becoming the captain this week.


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