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Pak bowler can not stand against India, career becomes worse than average performance

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India-Pakistan match on 16th June, Dhoni’s average against Pakistan and Kohli’s strike rate increases14 players from Pakistan’s current team experience playing against India, 12 players from India played against themDhoni has 35 against Pakistan and Shoaib Malik played 41 matches against IndiaShoaib Malik and Hafiz gets better than average career average against India

New Delhi. A match will be played between India and Pakistan at the Old Trafford Ground on June 16 in the World Cup. India-Pak teams will be face-to-face in the 7th World Cup. In World Cup matches, Pakistan has not won a single time from India so far. Experts analyzed all the 15-15 players in India and Pakistan involved in the World Cup team and found that Pakistan’s bowlers did not perform as good against India as they did against other teams. Bowling averages and economy rates of Pakistan bowlers against India are worsened. On the contrary, Indian bowlers play better against Pakistan.

Bowling Bowling: Aamir taking one wicket every 30 runs Bad record
against India Average of all key bowlers against Pakistan is worse than his career average. Mohammad Aamir’s career average of 29.91, while his average against India is 42.8. That is, Amir can take a wicket after giving 42 runs while playing against India. The overall economy of Aamir is 4.78, which is 4.98 against India. 

Pakistan’s bowling attack against India

Bowler (match, wicket)Economy rate against IndiaCareer Economy RateBowling average against IndiaCareer Bowling Average
Hassan Ali(4 matches, 4 wickets)5.95.5343.528.35
Mohammad Hafeez(11 matches, 9 wickets)4.484.1838.6638.23
Shadab khan(4 matches, 4 wickets)6.494.8643.027.89
Shoaib Malik(41 matches, 22 wickets)5.374.6644.2739.12
Imad Wasim(2 matches, 0 wickets)7.144.8342.02
Mohammad aamir(6 matches, 5 wickets)4.984.7842.829.91
Shahin Afridi(1 match, 0 wickets)5.85626.26
Wahab Riaz(6 matches, 9 wickets)7.355.7637.5534.61

Pakistan’s batting:
Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik are the only average of Hafeez and Malik’s good batting batsmen against India, who are more than average against India in their career average. That is, these two players have done better against India than their overlay career. Hafeez has played 11 matches against India, in which he scored 486 runs with an average of 48.6. His career average of 33.19. Malik’s career average is 34.71, but he scored 1782 runs in 41 matches against Team India at an average of 48.16. Malik is the only player to score the most 4 against Team India. Malik and Hafeez’s strike rate against Team India is also higher than their overall strike rate.

Average and strike rate against Pakistan’s batsmen

Batsman (match, run)Average against IndiaCareer averageStrike rate against IndiaCareer Strike Rate
Sarfraz Ahmed(7 matches, 65 runs)21.6634.8569.1588.64
Shoaib Malik(41 matches, 1782 runs)48.1634.7188.4881.92
Asif ali(2 matches, 39 runs)19.5027.76125.81128.93
Frost jams(3 matches, 145 runs)48.3348.5791.1998.15
Imam ul haq(2 matches, 12 runs)657.1544.4480.59
Mohammad Hafeez(11 matches, 486 runs)48.633.1982.6576.71
Babar Azam(4 matches, 110 runs)27.550.9672.8586.15
Haris Sohail(1 match, 36 runs)3645.7975.0083.05

India bowling: Bhuvis, Shami and Jadhav, better
Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami and Kuldeep Yadav, against Pakistan, give less runs per over against Pakistan. Shami 3.82, Bhubneshwar 4.18 and Kuldeep run the economy rate of 4.33 runs. This is less than their overall economy rate. Even bowling bowling averages of three bowlers and two all-rounders against Pakistan are better than their career average. Kedar Jadhav is the best. They spend an average of 17.5 runs per wicket against Pakistan while their average against the other teams is 35.81. Shami’s overall bowling average is 26.11, but against Pak, he can take a wicket in the span of 21.4 runs. Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes wickets at the bowling average of 23 runs against Pakistan, while his average against the other teams is 34.98. 

India’s bowling action against Pak

Bowler (match, wicket)Economy rate against PakCareer Economy RateBowling average against PakCareer Bowling Average
Jaspreet Bumrah(4 matches, 4 wickets)4.594.5221.9835.75
Bhubaneswar Kumar(9 matches, 14 wickets)4.1852334.98
Mohamed Shami(3 matches, 5 wickets)3.825.4821.426.11
Yuzevendra Chahal(2 matches, 2 wickets)54.934024.16
Kuldeep Yadav(2 matches, 3 wickets)4.334.962622.64
Hearty pandya(3 matches, 3 wickets)5.265.574041.97
Kedar Jadhav(4 matches, 4 wickets)4.675.1817.535.81
Ravindra Jadeja(9 matches, 10 wickets)4.944.894135.89

India’s batting: Plays better against Pak:
Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s average run against Pakistan is better than his career average. Dhoni has scored 1230 runs in 35 matches against Pakistan, an average of 55.9, while his career average is 50.53. Two of Dhoni’s 10 out of 10 Centers are against Pakistan. Dinesh Karthik and Hardik Pandya also have better run against Pakistan than their career average. Apart from Dhoni in the current Indian team, Virat (2) and Rohit (1) are the ones who have scored a century against Pakistan. However, Kohli’s average against Pakistan is lower than his career average. Virat and Dhoni’s strike rate against Pakistan are also higher than their career strikes rate.

Average and strike rate against Pakistan’s batsmen

Batsman (match, run)Average against PakCareer averageStrike rate against PakCareer Strike Rate
Virat Kohli(12 matches, 459 runs)45.959.4793.2992.93
Rohit Sharma(15 matches, 580 runs)44.6148.1783.0987.86
Mahendra Singh Dhoni(35 matches, 1230 runs)55.950.5390.5187.63
Ravindra Jadeja(9 matches, 116 runs)23.229.9276.8284.23
Kedar Jadhav(4 matches, 9 runs)943.4869.23102.53
Dinesh karthik(4 matches, 65 runs)6531.0366.2373.71
Hearty pandya(3 matches, 96 runs)9630.53195.92120.12

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