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December 3, 2020

Trump’s net worth has increased by 5% during the last one year. First increase in 3 years

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Donald Trump with wife Milania

  • Increasing the value of the two office buildings increased trump’s net worth, wanted to stop the trump related to the buildings.
  • Earlier, since the past two years, the net worth was declining, current networth reached level 2016.

Washington. The net worth of US President Donald Trump has increased by 5% in the past year to $ 3 billion (Rs 21,000 crore). Earlier, there was a reduction in trump’s net worth for two years. The current net worth has come at the 2016 level. According to Bloomberg, increasing the value of two office buildings has resulted in an increase in trump property.

Trump’s 2 Office Buildings Increased by 33%

  1. Trump has 30% shares in 2 properties of friend Steven Roth’s Vornado Reality Trust. In the past year, the value of Trump’s stake in both properties increased to 765 million dollars (5355 million rupees). It is 33% higher than a year ago.
  2. About one-fourth of the trump’s total net worth comes from Vornado buildings’ value. However, they wanted to stop the deal related to the trump once. In the past year, the value of their golf courses and resorts dropped 19% to $ 52.5 million (Rs. 3675 crore). The amount of trump debt ($ 55 million) has not changed compared to the previous year.
  3. Bloomberg has given statistics on the basis of property records, security filings, market data and the financial disclosure of Trump. Donald Trump handles Trump Organizations to other businesses including real estate. Prior to assuming the presidency, Trump had created this trust which his son saw.
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