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Bigg Boss 13: Rashami turns joker!

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The BB Post Office task resumes on Bigg Boss 13, and Asim Riaz gets the next letter.

Mahira Sharma finds it and instead of shredding it, she hands it over.

She claims she respects emotions and will not destroy the letter.

The last letter is for Mahira and Asim finds it. 

Instead of reciprocating her gesture, he destroys the letter and becomes the contender for captaincy.

It obviously doesn’t go down well with Mahira and she breaks down.



Bigg Boss announces that Rashami, Vikas Gupta, Asim and Shefali Jariwala are the four contenders for captaincy.

Later, Asim apologises to Mahira and tries to explain himself but she doesn’t listen.

Ultimately, she does, and they patch up.



The next morning, Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh get into an argument regarding household duties.

Later, Vishal talks to Rashami about his equation with Madhurima and at the other end of the garden, Shehnaaz Gill asks Madhurima how she tolerated Vishal in their relationship.

Paras Chhabra, who is watching from the secret room, tells Sidharth Shukla that Vishal and Madhurima should talk to each other instead of other people.



In the evening, the captaincy task called Puppet begins.

The four contenders will get secret tasks from Sid and Paras and they have to perform them without letting anyone know. Also, they are unaware about Sid and Paras being in charge in the first place!

First, Shefali is asked to tell Asim his flaws and she does.

Paras then orders Asim to tell Shefali he is way better than her.

He does and both Sid and Paras enjoy watching them argue.



Paras asks Rashami to act like a joker and she plays the part quite well.

He instructs Bhau to clean the kitchen and Shefali to balance a mug on her head.

The Puppet task is quite hilarious and everyone performs with sincerity.

Paras instructs Rashami to apologise to Mahira and praise Shehnaaz. She does.

Shehnaaz gets emotional when Asim and Rashami say nice things about her. She tells them they are fake and doing it only for the task. Asim says they always praise her and gives Shehnaaz a hug.

Namrata Thakker has been covering the entertainment beat for more than seven years and has quite the eye for celebrity fashion. She can be contacted at movies@KhabriBaba-inc.com


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