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September 21, 2019

Students of Givaji University made liquor with mango leaves, it will also reduce fat with diabetes.

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  • Jivaji University trying to make a deal with a company for its construction 
  • Many beneficial elements in mango leaves, which are effective in increasing disease resistance

Gwalior  Students of Health Center at Jivaji University have made liquor from mango leaves. It will contain 8 to 12% of alcohol. Regardless of this, it will be effective in reducing fat and enhancing disease resistance with the prevention of diabetes.

It took 45-50 days to make wine. It is made from fermentation of glucose, carbohydrate and peptone proteins. JU management is now trying to sign MoU with its firm with a company to reach it.

JU Health Center In-charge, Professor of formula for preparing alcohol from the mango leaf , also helpful in the prevention of diseases . GKKS Prasad and Shahed student Rupali Dutt have collaborated with In this, the important role of the Mango Ferin element found in mangoes leaves is helpful in preventing all diseases. The special thing is that mango leaves are available for the whole year, so this wine can be made in any season. 

Why is this beneficial for the body 

  •  In the alcohol of mango leaves, Mango Ferrin is used to prevent diabetes. Fat of the body is low. There are also anti-vectoral properties. 
  •  Gallic acid, paracetin, catechin, and catheicin do not damage body tissues. 
  •  Ascorbic acid increases immunity to disease. There is also calcium which is beneficial for the bones.

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