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December 4, 2020

Sri Lankan President said: Do not allow Muslim Prabhakaran to be born, or else another war will start

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  • Presidential Guardian Sirisena said: Religious leaders and politicians in the country have been divided today
  • After the blasts in Sri Lanka on April 21, the incidents of attack on Muslim community in several cities came to light

Colombo Sri Lankan President Maitripala Sirisena on Sunday warned that the country is divided in today’s time. He said that politicians and religious leaders have been divided. We should not allow any “Muslim Prabhakaran” to be born, or else another war will start, on April 21, 258 people were killed in serial blasts on April 21.

Most of the leaders
were speaking at the elections, not on the country – Sirisena Sirisena was speaking at Mullativu. This area was once considered to be the stronghold of militant organization Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). He said – If we are divided then the whole country will be scattered. Another war will start. Most politicians are paying attention to the elections this year, they are not paying attention to the country. This division is preventing the country from moving forward. 

“Do not give place to extremism”
Sri Lankan President said: “We understand the problem of Tamils ​​and they will be taken care of. But, we should circumvent the past and move the country forward. In any case, we should not place a place in the atmosphere of the country to flourish extremism.

In many cities, Muslim
Muslim groups are believed to be behind the attacks in the Sri Lanka attack on the Muslim community . It is also said that these organizations can be related to Islamic State (IS). After these blasts, incidents of attacks on Muslims in several cities of Sri Lanka came up. Following these incidents, 9 Muslim Ministers decided to resign from their post. Ministers say that minorities are being targeted in violence and the government has failed to protect.

The LTTE and the struggle in the Sri Lankan government lasted for 25 years The
LTTE was founded by Velupillai Prabhakaran in 1976. There was a conflict between the LTTE and the government for the establishment of an independent Tamil state in Sri Lanka for nearly 25 years. During this thousands of people lost their lives. In 2009, the Sri Lankan army destroyed Prabhakaran.

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