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Country’s first Dinosaur Fossil Park is open to the public, there are also 10 modern galleries

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A museum of dinosaurs dating to 65 million years in this park was also built Experts claim- There were seven species of dinosaurs in Rayoli village

Balancinor  The country’s first and the world’s third largest dinosaur fossil park, built in 128 acres in Rayoli village, located in Kheda district of Gujarat, was opened on Saturday for the common man. Here is the first museum to show the history of Dinosaur’s 6.5 million years. It also has 10 modern galleries built, where all the information related to the lifestyle of dinosaurs, food habits and their lives will be provided to the people.

The museum’s time machine will show the remains of different dinosaurs in the world and Gujarat. Apart from this, there will be 5D theaters and 3D movies. Dinosaur display, Sculpture of King Cyrus Dinosaur, digital display of Evolution of Earth, Wall Art etc. are the main ones. Park will be open from 9 am to 6 pm. 

Here, 36 years ago, fossil 
experts believe that in Rayoli village there were about 7 species of dinosaurs. Here 36 years ago the relics of 10 thousand eggs of dinosaurs were found. It is the safest place in the world, where the remains of such a large number of eggs were found. It is also considered the third largest fossil site of dinosaur in the world.

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