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Australia: Excessive use of Internet dangerous for brain, may cause memory loss

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  • The incoming notification affects the ability to focus on a work
  • Young children (ages 2 to 5 years) should not be exposed to more than one hour of the day – WHO

Melbourne. The use of the Internet can change our mind. This can affect meditation, memory and social contact. This information came out in a study in Australia. According to the research published in the World Psychiatry Journal, Internet can make acute and long-term changes in specific areas of knowledge.

Researchers from Oxford of the United Kingdom and Harvard University of America examined those key concepts that how the Internet could change cognitive processes. This research has been prepared based on recent findings of psychological, psychotherapy and neuroimaging research.

Some parts of the brain are affected by the Internet

Josef Firth, Senior Research Fellow, Western Sydney University, said that this report mainly revealed that more use of the internet could affect many parts of the brain. For example, frequent notifications and alerts from the internet inspire our attention to keep focusing on it. This affects the ability to focus on any one task.

The report also shows how the Internet can affect the structure, function and cognitive development of the brain. In recent times, the adoption of these online techniques widely, along with social media, is also a matter of concern for teachers and parents.

WHO gave warnings

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in 2018 that small children (2-5 years of age) should not be exposed to more than one hour per day of the screen. This report revealed that most of the researchers investigating the effects of the Internet on the brain were made to adults. Because of this, more research is needed to determine the benefits and disadvantages of the use of the Internet in the youth.

Children should be keep away from digital devices

Research Fellow Josef Firth said that there is a need for research to protect children from the negative effects of the Internet. Parents should ensure that their children are not spending much time on digital devices. Parents pay more attention to the physical activities of children.

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