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How will companies be able to meet the shortage of labourers after work starts?

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Lockdown-3 has begun to fight Corona in India. But with some terms and conditions, the wheels of industries have also started to spin. This is the reason that the businessmen are demanding the government not to send the workers back. In this episode, some labourers living in Delhi said that if they do not get work after going to the village, what will they do there. Hopefully, the situation will improve and work will start. Work will start in many places in the industrial areas of Delhi from today. There is hope that the labourers living here will start getting work and the economic system will start to get back on track. All the people living in the night shelters said that what will they do going to the village, there will be no employment there. While there is both food and accommodation here. We hope that soon the situation will improve and work will be found.

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Sonalika, the country’s leading tractor manufacturer in Punjab, has started production again. Sonalika management has made complete arrangements for this and has started production in the industry in a planned manner. Management has talked to the governments of other states to send their employees back and has also made arrangements for them. Sonalika currently has more than a thousand employees. There is increasing pressure on the Punjab government to stop workers. Because if labourers return then what will be the benefit of opening industries. Work has also started in Haryana. According to the rules, workers are also working wearing masks.

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Apart from this, with the amendment of labour laws in Madhya Pradesh, the government has also implemented the formula of ‘no work, no salary’ in industrial units. During the Corona crisis, the economic interests of the workers were not affected, so that the workers were instructed to give un-deducted wages despite the closure of the unit. Through many mediums, the government received information that workers are not coming to work even in the units which are operational. In view of this situation, the labour department has ordered that entrepreneurs are not obliged to pay salaries to workers who do not come to work voluntarily. Apart from this, industries in Chhattisgarh have also been given special exemption from the government.

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