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Bigg Boss 13: ‘Cleaning toilets won’t be difficult’

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‘The fact that I will be away from my son is scaring me.’
‘I don’t know how I will manage without him.’


Photograph: Kind courtesy Dalljiet Kaur /Instagram

Television actress Dalljiet Kaur said goodbye to Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega overnight in order to participate in the popular reality show, Bigg Boss 13

The show, she hopes, will help her financially, especially after her tough divorce with actor Shaleen Banot three years ago.

She hopes the money will secure their son Jaydon’s future. 

Before she entered the show, Dalljiet spoke to KhabriBaba.com Contributor Rajul Hegde and said, “I hope this show gives more stability to my son’s life and mine.”

All set for Bigg Boss?

I am very nervous.

The fact that I will be away from my son is scaring me.

I don’t know how I will manage without him.

This will be the first time that I will be away from my son for such a long time.

He has sleeping problems, as he is still small, but he is confident that he can stay without me.

I don’t know how he will react without me but I am leaving him with an army of friends and family, who will take care of him.

My sisters are also coming down to care of him.

IMAGE: Dalljiet takes a picture before entering the Bigg Boss house. Photograph: Kind courtesy Dalljiet Kaur /Instagram

Your career in television has been doing well. What prompted you to take up Bigg Boss?

I think it’s a career move for me.

Every reality show gives you a different exposure with a different set of audience.

As an artiste, I am trying to figure some things about my career.

It’s a good time to explore. 

Is money one of the reasons why you said yes to the show?

In actor’s life, stability matters.

I hope this show gives more stability to my son’s life and mine.

One has to do household chores inside the Bigg Boss house. How good are you at that?

Being a mother, I am used to household work and basic cooking.

I have been a hands-on mother to my son, Jaydon.

I have raised him alone in a challenging situation.

So cooking and cleaning toilets won’t be difficult for me.


IMAGE: Dalljiet with her parents and son, Jaydon. Photograph: Kind courtesy Dalljiet Kaur /Instagram

You made it clear that if your former husband Shaleen was in Bigg Boss, you would opt out.

If he wants to do the show, it’s his choice.

Both of us are happy and content in our lives.

We are cordial with each other and I wish him happiness.

Have you got any advice from friends, who have been on the show before?

Karishma Tanna is a close friend, and she was on Bigg Boss. She advised me to be real.

In fact, all my friends have the same advice for me.

Which quality of yours do you think can help you win the show?

I think being a mother has made me more considerate and strong. That might be my strength.

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